Impressions from the Commanderie of Auzon, France 11.06.2022

(Photos: Herbert Heiß)

Participation in the Long Night of Research, May 2022 (Photo 1: Lisa Gorkiewicz, other photos: Kay Müller/PLUS)

Visit to the tomb of Arnau de Torroja in Verona, May 2022 (Photo: Katharina Kurzböck)

Visit to the apostolic library and secret archives in Vatican City, April 2022 (Photos: Magdalena Kirchgasser)

Visit of Cardinal Monterisi, April 2022 (Photos: Daniele Borderi)

The ex-church of San Giacomo in Ferrara (Maybe the tomb of Hugues de Payens?)

Photo: Mauro Ferretti
Photo: Matteo Marti

Impressions of the Founding Convention on 10.06.2021 (Photos: Daniele Borderi)